Rooted in Resilience

After years of research & experimentation, we’ve turned our mistakes & setbacks into lessons so you can breeze past all the conflicting health information and start living a healthy and thriving life.

True health & resilience to life's stressors involves a lot more balance and abundance than what we’ve been led to believe.

Hey there! 

If you're here, you may feel overwhelmed or lost with all the conflicting health information out there, like you’re chasing symptoms with different supplements, or throwing your money into the wind (and your hope with it).

We do not blame you; the nutrition and health world is hard to navigate these days, and we’re often sold supplements & are encouraged to follow restrictive diets that suppress symptoms instead of finding the root cause of our problems.

Restriction doesn't work in the long run.

Over the last 10 years, we've tried nearly every restrictive diet that exists - from strict clean eating (chicken & broccoli), to plant-based, low FODMAP, no sugar, intermittent fasting, keto, & even a full year of the carnivore diet.

Each 'diet' promised abundant energy and excellent health!

Come to find out, while there may be temporary benefit, restriction does not work in the long run.

These quick fixes and false promises drove our metabolisms further into the grave, resulting in... 

Weight gain & muscle lost. Imbalanced hormones. Binging. Thin hair & nails. No libido. Cold all the time. Poor sleep. No energy. Constipation. 

This is not living!

Dietary or lifestyle extremes may elicit short term benefits, but at the cost of long-term health, happiness & wellness. 

This is actually one of the most important lessons we’ve learned:

There is a difference between symptom suppression and true healing.

Running on stress hormones can suppress various symptoms & feel great temporarily.

But in longterm, this will damage your metabolism. Your body will down regulate non-vital tasks to maintain survival.

There is a better way. There is a holistic, sustainable solution to long term health.

In fact, true health involves a lot more balance and abundance than what we’ve been led to believe.

What doesn't work

  • Restricting macronutrients (like keto or carnivore avoiding carbs) & fasting
  • Overexercising, jogging all the time, or excessive HIIT cardio like spin class or Orange Theory
  • Taking random supplements
  • Focusing on blood sugar
  • Fearing food
  • Fighting cravings

What does work

  • Nourishing food (including animal products & organs, saturated fat, fruits, roots & other sugars, & dairy)
  • Smart strength training to build muscle, regular & appropriate movement with adequate rest
  • Targeted supplementation
  • Focusing on body temperatures and metabolism
  • Food awareness
  • Enjoying your food & nourishing yourself

We are here to help you bypass our mistakes & struggles, clear the confusion, & move towards a thriving life.

While the food you eat & how much you exercise certainly matters, the environment you live in (like your home microbiome & toxin exposure) matters just as much.

Everything we consume, breath or put on our skin is connected to our health.

Where we spend most of our time needs proper care & attention.

We learned this the hard way through exposure to toxic mold in our home.

Our journey back to health after severe biotoxin exposure wasn't easy, but boy, have we learned a lot. Oddly enough, we wouldn't trade the incredibly frustrating and debilitating experience for anything, as we are now well equipped to deal with whatever the universe throws our way.

We are resilient. And we can help you become resilient, too.

I want to be resilient
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